Hey there, 

My name is Laetitia, the Founder of LACE Belts.
I am a girl based in Munich that has always been interested in founding her own brand. During winter in 2021, I happened to come across the idea of creating versatile belts in order to pimp up any kind of outfit. I wanted to create belts that kind of have a signature touch. Not knowing how to sew, I bought myself my first sewing machine and designed the first few prototypes. It did take a while to find the right method but about a month later, one thing came to another and on Februrary 7th 2021 LACE Belts came to life. My personal aim is to create a belt which can be used in multiple ways. A belt should not only be worn with casual pants – there is so much more to it! Tie it around your hips, your pants or your coat. Simply make it yours! By using vibrant colors, patterns and therefore adding a splash of color to your outfit, I came up with the slogan: Fill the blank space with LACE! Each product is handmade, customized, and therefore unique.
Enjoy shopping!

XOXO, Laetitia