How long is delivery usually?
Deliveries take 7-10 days usually (in Germany). 

How much are the shipping costs?

  • within Germany: 3,50€ 
  • within Europe: 6,50€
How do I know which size to choose? 
Use measuring tape to measure your waistband width - please don't adjust the size! 
  • BUCKLED Belts sizes: 85/95/105cm (an extra leash of 15cm is added so you can easily adjust the size) 
  • FRINGED/ BOHEMIAN Belts: length 180cm (more fabric is being used so you can tie your belt in many different ways) 

How does the order process work?

  1. Choose your product (belt model, keychain) 
  2. Choose your color 
  3. Choose your size (if required) 
  4. Choose your buckle color (if required) 

As soon as we have received your order, we will get down to work to send your LACE Belts products to you ASAP 
Please be aware of the belt width (varies from 2,5-7 cm)

Can I return & exchange my LACE Belts order?
Unfortunately no. Our products are custom made with every order. Therefore you cannot exchange your order. Thanks for understanding! 

How did you come up with the name?
At first, our signature belt model (FRINGED Belt) reminded us of a “shoeLACE”. The definition of “LACE” pretty much described the materials we use for our belts: defined by looping, twisting and knitting thread in patterns. 

Is it possible to wash my LACE Belts products?
Yes! :)

If you have any further questions, feel free to contact us directly! contact@lace-belts.eu